6 Reasons You Need A Robotic Lawn Mower

Hate Mowing?

Robot lawn mowers are a fully automatic mower that does the mowing for you! Press one button and your Robot electric mower starts working. You are not needed on the lawn while the Robot lawn mowers operate. We just made mowing a pleasure for you!!!  With the robot lawn mowers, the Robomow, you are still actively mowing the lawn, deciding when to do it, how often, how high etc., but with automatic mowers all you do is steer it to the lawn and pressing the GO button. Your Robomower electric mower does the rest!

Tired of your lawn service?

The automatic mowers, Robot lawn mowers are a perfect substitute for lawn service. The Robot electric mower pays for itself in less than one season. Yes, you still need to do some trimming and  leaning and if you really hate it, just have the lawn service come less often, say once a month.

Environmentally Concerned?

The Robomower automatic mowers are the ultimate solution for pollution! Robot lawn mowers  are zero pollution automatic mowers. The Robomower electric mower operates on rechargeable  atteries, mulching blades and whisper quiet operation. No fumes or oil leaks. Zero pollution! Robot lawn mowers are completely environmentally friendly!

  • Electric lawn mower, Zero emissions. Doesn’t use gas or oil.

  • Whisper quiet operation. Less than 55 DB at the mower and

    roughly 40 DB five feet from it. It is as quiet as a hair dryer.

  • The Robot lawn mowers are made of recyclable materials.

  • Recycles the cut grass through mulching. No need to collect the grass clippings and get rid of them.

  • Robot automatic mowers recycle tree leaves through mulching.

Pressed for time?

Robot automatic mowers mow for you. Just think about the precious quality time you waste on the weekend, pushing and sweating on the lawn, while you could have been with the family and other things you really like to do. The Robomower electric mower allows you to have this quality time instead of spending it on a weekly mundane chore. Once you have a Robot lawn mower, it will be as important to you as indoor plumbing!

Tired of fighting with the kids about mowing?

Robot lawn mowers will stop the weekly arguments! The kids will still have the responsibility, but with the fully automatic mowers they will now fight over who gets to put the robot lawn mowers in the yard. Robot lawn mowers are simple and safe and being a fully electric mower, you don’t have to be exposed to the heat or the pollution related to old way of mowing.  The Robomower electric mower offers a great solution to these weekly arguments and fights. Since mowing with the Robomower automatic mowers are easy, fun and takes only minutes, it will be a lot easier to get them to take responsibility of the lawn mowing.

Suffer from Allergies?

Here is a perfect solution for you. You don t have to be on or even near the lawn with the robot lawn mowers. Robomower are automatic mowers. Just press the green GO button and get out of the lawn. Just walk the electric mower in when it s finished. The Robomower electric mowers does the work for you and your presence on the lawn is not needed! The Robot lawn mower is an excellent mulcher, so you won’t need to collect and bag any grass clippings.


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The Bissell ProHeat 2X Select Pet 9400-3

Bissell, which is also known as Bissell Homecare, is a vacuum cleaner manufacturing corporation headquartered in Walker, Michigan. Bissell is currently the number one manufacturer f floor care products in North America in terms of sales. The company, with its ever popular Bissell Steam Cleaners,  holds about 20% of the total market share.

Why is this important you  might wonder? Well, a company of that size having the track records that they do almost guarantees incredible products and happy customers. This is also the reason that we want to take a look at Bissell’s products as they’ve come up with a few very interesting steam cleaners in the past months.

The first product that we want to take a look at is the Bissell ProHeat 2X Select Pet 9400-3 . The ProHeat 2X is a full-size carpet cleaner with built in heater. The device has a built in water heater which makes it unique in the market. The addition in the name “pet”, suggests that the machine has advantages over other machines when it come to cleaning pet stains. We found this to be true in our test as well.  If you want a machine that can clean pet stains very easily, go with this one.

The next product up is the Bissell ProHeat 2X Select 9400-M. It is basically the same model as the one above but this one has a different specialization (the one above was for pets): It has been specialized for bare floors. You might wonder how this is a specialization? The specialization is that the machine will not only clean the floor but disinfect it in the same task. This will save time and make sure that your house is cleaner than ever.  In addition to this the machine also comes with some extra tools that will help you to make the cleaning process easier.

The Bissell ProHeat 2X CleanShot 9500 is the machine that you want to buy if you want a large, powerful hardwood steam cleaner that will come with many extras, and then this is your product of choice. The machine comes with the built in “Clean Shot” sprayer for difficult stains and a heater to dry carpets faster after they have been cleaned. The number of attachment tools is currently around six, but there is word out on the street that this will be changed in the near future. All in all a good machine that will get even the dirtiest floors and carpets clean again due to its strength and versatility.

The last machine in our Bissell steam cleaners test is the Bissell Big Green Canister Deep Cleaner. This machine is made for the really large rooms or rather for industrial rooms. It comes with a 2 liter water tank and more attachments than you will ever need (at least we couldn’t find anything to do with them after a while). The machine is powerful but is mainly made for bare floors (there aren’t many carpets in industrial buildings). If you have a ranch or something similar go with this one.

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Don’t Let Plumbing Problems Break The Bank

Emergency Plumbing Oceanside

EPA services all cities in Oceanside. We have provided stability and reliability especially in San Diego County area for many Years. We are centrally located to our customer base. We have a large inventory of materials in stock. This allows jobs to be completed without needing to order materials or go to the supply house. Saving time and money. We have access to materials to make emergency repairs with our 24 hour service. We have a large fleet of equipment. We do not need to sub-contract out septic tank work, excavation work or concrete removal work. We have all the equipment in house to provide these services quickly and efficiently.

There are lots of reasons the good people of Oceanside have trusted The Emergency Plumbing Oceanside Company with their plumbing emergencies and needs for these many years. Simply stated, we are plumbers who can do it all, do it efficiently and do it for an honest price.

We handle all kinds of plumbing needs. From routine inspections to repairs to our 24 hour emergency service, there’s always a plumber from The Emergency Plumbing Oceanside Company on call to take care of the people of Oceanside plumbing needs. Our services include backflow inspections, drainfield inspection and repair, leaks, septic system repairs, and new fixture installation and hook up.

We approach every job with the dedication and expertise our customers deserve and expert from professional plumbers. We take pride in routinely surpassing the expectations of our customers. We do that by treating each and every customer as an individual. No two customers are the same. Likewise, every plumbing job requires an expert who knows how to assess the situation and solve the problem in the most efficient manner possible.

At The Emergency Plumbing Oceanside Company, our plumbers all know that you, our customers, the residents of Oceanside, come first. By taking care of you, and making sure that your needs are given the attention they deserve, we’ve been privileged to be able to serve the plumbing needs of this area for four whole decades. If you’re from the area, chances are we took care of your parents’ plumbing needs, too.

Estimates are always free, and no job is too large or too small. We are Mesa and Phoenix Oceanside plumbers, and we can fix any plumbing problem you may have. You’re not just a number to us. You are a valued customer with real needs that we have the privilege of taking care of. We value you, not just your money. That’s why we make it a point to offer a fair and honest price for all of the work we do.

When you have plumbing needs in Oceanside, whatever those needs happen to be, there’s only one name you need to know, the name which has stood for excellence in plumbing service to Oceanside residents for many years: The Emergency Plumbing Oceanside Company.

Contact a local oceanside handyman for Plumbing Services today

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Picking A Quality Hardwood Floor Steam Cleaner

Steam cleaners are ideal for cleaning all types of floors and furniture. Many of them are able to get rid of 99.9 percent of the dust and allergens in your home.

Hardwood floors can be particularly difficult to find the right cleaner that will not ruin or damage the floor, however, floor steam cleaners are excellent for this type of floor as they do not harm the wood flooring materials and finish.

Best Steam Mop for the Money

The Eureka Enviro Hard Surface Floor Steamer 313A comes with a one year limited warranty along with an adjustable height handle that can be adjusted according to your height.

There is a preheating and cool down tray that is added for safety. A 6.5 amp motor comes with this cleaner along with a measuring cup, two steam pads, funnel and a cloth clip. It has a lightweight design and has a 12.5 inch cleaning head.

Best Lightweight Steam Cleaner

It has three settings of steam that kills 99.9 percent of all allergies and dust within the home and basically sanitizes the area. The low is dusting, medium is mopping, and high is scrubbing. It is lightweight at 10 pounds and comes with a 30 foot power cord to reach long distances. It has a carpet glider that freshens and deodorizes the carpeted floor and area rugs. I

Best Handheld Steam Mop on the Market

The Bissell Lift Off Steam Mop has a two in one machine as a portable handheld unit and a steam cleaner. It has removable steam pads and it helps eliminate 99.9 percent of germs in your home from the hardwood and carpeted floors. It has variable steam controls for added steam pressure and it is lightweight at 10 pounds.

It is able to reach hard to reach areas and has an easy to fill water tank. It is 100 percent chemical free and has a two year limited warranty and works well for cleaning vinyl floors as well.

Best Hardwood Floor Steamer under $100

This Bissell Steam Mop Hard Floor Cleaner 1867-7 has two washable and reusable mop pads that are made of microfiber. It has a 360 degree swivel mop and it comes with a one year limited warranty.

All of these choices are among the best hardwood floor steam cleaner reviews as they offer multiple features and capabilities. Many of them come with accessories that make it easier to use throughout your home to enable you to reach in those hard to reach areas. They are all inexpensive and can meet your budget.

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