Panasonic MC-CG917 Review

Panasonic MC-CG917 Review

Now it’s time to make room for another Panasonic product on our canister vacuum reviews. Panasonic seemed to have done a really good job with their vacuum models. And the prices seem pretty reasonable to what it can do. Compared to other brands out there, this can be thought of as cheaper.

Not cheap, just a bit cheaper. Now let’s find out what the Panasonic MC-CG917 “OptiFlow” Bag Canister Vacuum Cleaner can do.

Will it be a good investment? Can it be considered a good buy? Will it be able to meet and exceed all your expectations? Keep reading to find out. The Panasonic MC-CG917 OptiFlow is a full-sized canister vac which has a power nozzle with a powerful twelve-amp motor. Like the other Panasonic vacuums, it also has its own On and Off bare floor switch locataed on the handle for more efficient cleaning on floors.

It also features a motor protection system to make sure it lasts much longer. It’s got tools on-board which include the floor brush, the crevice tool for in between the couch cushions cleaning, the dusting and upholstery brush, the motorized mini-brush & 2 chrome wands. All these for you to be able to clean every corner, every hard-to-reach area within your house.

It also comes with a twenty four foot power cord complete with cord reel It also boasts of a dual active edge cleaning feature and a headlight so you can see through dark, narrow spaces.

The HEPA Filter helps in making sure small particles are also sucked in, great for those who are suffering from asthma or allergies. The four-position carpet height adjustment makes it easier for you to reach farther while the 360 degree swivel hose is great for cleaning in any direction without worrying it will get all twisty. This vac also comes with 3 bags totally free of charge.

We Recommend this Canister Vacuum Cleaner from Panasonic for those looking for an efficient way of vacuuming the hardwood floors and other surfaces.

Features And Specifications

These are the features that this Panasonic Canister Vacuum Cleaner has to offer:

  • This Panasonic bag canister vac has a powerful twelve-amp motor
  • It makes use of the OptiFlow System and has a separate large bag caddy so you can easily empty the dust bag
  • Twenty percent more bag usage and airflow
  • Color: Ebony and green
  • Weighs 28.2 lbs.
  • Measures 21.5” by 12” by 8.8”

Customer Reviews

Check out what these people have to say about the Panasonic MC-CG917 OptiFlow

“The OptiFlow runs great. I had a Panasonic before and this one is just as good. But it didn’t have a motorized mini power head like the description said so I was a little bit disappointed about that. Overall still a good buy.” – Dan

“I wish I have gotten the OptiFlow years ago. It is very easy to handle. No more dragging of heavy,  bulky vacuums like I did previously. I also love the retractable cord. Now I look forward to cleaning up using this vac. Before I used to dread doing it. I love it.” – KM

You may buy the Panasonic MC-CG917 “OptiFlow” Bag Canister Vacuum Cleaner on selected appliance stores nationwide, or you may also look it up online and log on to for fantastic deals and offers.

Click here to read more customer reviews of this Panasonic Canister Vacuum Cleaner.


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What I Learned About Bluetooth Speakers At Best Buy

So I got the bug up my rear end to go pick out a new outdoor wireless blue tooth speaker setup this past weekend.  I went to the local Best Buy, despite never having much success there in the past. Now I realize it’s quite convenient to keep all your music on an MP3 player, but unless you use Bluetooth speakers, you’ll need to get off the couch when you want to change to a different playlist. This issue is solved by a Bluetooth speaker because it accepts music that is wirelessly streamed from an MP3 player that is A2DP compatible. Keep your Bluetooth device handy, so you can navigate through all of your most favorite tunes. It’s like your whole library of music is available on a remote control.

That’s the main advantage of a Bluetooth speaker, but there are disadvantages, too. A Bluetooth’s range is rather limited, so you may only be able to go fifteen to twenty-five feet from the speaker, before you’ll start to lose the connection. The sound quality on a Bluetooth speaker isn’t as as good as you’ll find on a connection that’s wired, either, so people who are really into the subtle parts of music may be disappointed. If that’s not enough, the iPod, which happens to be the most popular MP3 player everywhere in the world, does not have a built-in Bluetooth. So if you want your MP3 player to play with a Bluetooth speaker, you might need to buy a different brand of MP3 player. Some of the possibilities for an alternative are the Samsung YP-P2, the Ibiza Rhapsody or the Sony Walkman NWZ-A828. If you really love your iPod, you can get access to a Bluetooth speaker by using an adapter.

Bluetooth technology does have bandwidth limitations, so even the best Bluetooth speakers won’t give you as good a sound as a connection that’s wired. But if your MP3 is A2DP-compatible, there are options to consider that will allow you to cut the cord when you’re listening to your music library at home.

You may use Bluetooth technology every day. But what is it, really? Bluetooth is technically the connecting of two devices without using wires. It actually is a type of technology that utilizes radio waves to connect with various devices. It bonds electrical gadgets together. Other industries are drawing on the success of Bluetooth technology, too, like entertainment, telecommunications and logistics.

Cell phones, like everyone carries now, are on the cutting edge of the inclusion of Bluetooth and music. To wireless carriers, a Bluetooth speaker means a widely desired accessory. These speakers will allow you to play music even if you’re not attached physically to the mobile phones. The freedom of leaving your old boom box at home makes a Bluetooth speaker look more attractive. You can relax at the beach and listen to your surf tunes at the same time.

A Bluetooth speaker works quite well with MP3 players and cell phones, granting you the comfort to be able to listen to music while you’re still using the cell phone. The speakers may be lightweight, but they are really pocket-sized units that don’t sacrifice sound reproduction and quality for size. Bluetooth speakers offer you top-quality sound and dynamic style in their compact design.


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