450 Gross Acres Apple Orchards Available

450+/- Gross Acres w/ Apple Orchards
6 Tracts Offered Separately
Thursday, June 24, 2010 – 2 pm
Auction Location: Red Lion Hotel, 607 E Yakima Avenue, Yakima, WA 98901

Seller: Cervantes Orchards & Vineyards under US Bankruptcy Court Order

Abbreviated Sale Terms:
• Bidding requires pre-qualification

• A 10% Buyer Premium will be added to the high bid to determine the selling price, per Tract.

• Bidder Deposits – Per Tract, will be required at bidder registration made payable to Fidelity Title Co. and according to the complete terms and conditions.

• Earnest Money Deposit – Successful bidders will be required to provide a minimum earnest money deposit of ten percent (10%) of the purchase price payable to Fidelity Title Co. at the close of the real estate auction. The cashier’s check Bidder Deposit will be applied to that percentage. Buyers must be prepared to issue a personal check for the balance due in excess of the bidder deposit to be made payable to Fidelity Title Co. to complete the earnest money deposit requirement.

• Early Possession – Successful bidders will be required to take possession of the Property being purchased within 48 hours post auction. Prior to taking possession the Buyers shall be required to increase the earnest money deposits to 25% or 30% respectively, according to complete terms and conditions.

• Growing Costs – Buyer will be responsible for paying for all 2010 costs associated with the maintenance and operation of the property as well as all costs associated with the growing and harvesting of any crops growing thereon.

• Terms – Cash at closing on or before August 6, 2010. Closing at Fidelity Title Co. located at 117 North 4th Street, Yakima, Washington 98901

• All sale offers are subject to confirmation & acceptance by Bankruptcy Plan Liquidating Agent.

• Auction Tracts are being sold by legal descriptions, not acres. Learn more at AuctionServicesNearMe.com

Property Information: Complete sale terms, bidder information & property information package is available at www.WREAONLINE.com or by contacting (509) 297-9294.

Property Inspection At Viewer Discretion: Please contact Western Real Estate Auctions at (509) 297-9294 for inspection of residential improvements.

Disclaimers: Buyer and his agent are responsible for independently verifying all presented information. No warranty or representation, expressed or implied, is made as to the accuracy of the information contained herein, including but not limited to: acreages, dimensions and or square footage of buildings, or the condition of any of the aforementioned. The same is submitted subject to errors, omissions, change of price, rental or other conditions and withdrawal without notice.

In regard to fruit trees, no warranty is made as to variety, health, or appropriateness for location. Further, Broker and Seller make no warranty as to whether or not the origin of the trees had the appropriate fees paid to the patent holder(s). Additionally, Broker and Seller make no warranties as to the condition of the wind machines or the irrigation system, including but not limited to the pumps, main lines, laterals, sprinkler heads, or any other element. Buyer agrees to purchase the property in “AS IS” condition and by signing the purchase agreement, releases Broker and Seller from all responsibility and liability related to any issue on these properties.

Preliminary Orchard Information

TRACT 1 ~ Home Place Orchard

157+/- Gross Acres, 124+/- Ac. Braeburn, Gala & Fuji Apples plus 4+/- Ac. Mother Block

TRACT 2 ~ Edison/Veldhuis Place Orchard

167+/- Gross Acres,  157+/- Ac. Granny Smith Apples


TRACT 3 ~ Simmons Place Orchard

71+/- Gross Acres,  60+/- Ac. Fugi & Braeburn Apples

TRACT 4 ~ Asbel Place Orchard

24+/- Gross Acres, 22+/- Ac.  Braeburn Apples

TRACT 5 ~  Schinmann Place Orchard

11+/- Gross Acres, 11+/- Ac. Granny Smith Apples

TRACT 6 ~ Freeburn Orchard

22+/- Gross Acres, 18+/- Ac. Gala Apples

Thursday, June 24, 2010 – 2 PM

Auction Location:  Red Lion Hotel – 607 E. Yakima Avenue – Yakima, WA 98901


Irrigation District Allocation

June 23, 2010 – Subsequent to review and clarification by all creditor legal advisors, all current and delinquent real property taxes will be purchaser’s responsibility and will be added to closing costs for each auction tract. See summary of Buyer Costs table directly below.

Growing Costs – estimated as of June 17, 2010

Taxes assume closing date of August 6, 2010

T-1 Home T-2 Edison T-3 Simmons T-4 Asbell T-5 Schin. T-6 Freeburn
Crop Acres 124.4 159.9 63.5 22.8 11.0 18.23
Growing costs $260,000 $313,500 $92,000 $42,450 $17,650 $48,500
Back Taxes 36,352 55,605 12,776 5,241 2,260 7,323
Total $296,352 $369,105 $104,776 $47,691 $19,910 $55,823
Per Acre T-1 Home T-2 Veldhuis T-3 Simmons T-4 Asbell T-5 Schin. T-6 Freeburn
Growing costs $2,090 $1,959 $1,449 $1,862 $1,605 $2,660
Back Taxes 292 348 201 230 205 402
Total Per acre $2,382 $2,307 $1,650 $2,092 $1,810 $3,062

Multiple Peril Crop Insurance – Summary of Coverage

Orchard I.D. Acres Total Guarantee Price Liability Premium
T-1 Home Place 124.6 77,663 $10.10 $784,396 $48,866
T-2 Edison/Veldhuis 153.9 113,578 8.85 1,005,165 62,620
T-3 Simmons 63.6 26,903 8.85 238,092 15,581
T-4 Asbel 22.80 9,628 10.10 97,243 5,785
T-5 Schinmann 9.90 26,903 8.85 26,435 851
T-6 Freeburn 18.5 12,419 $10.10 $125,432 $9,414


TRACT  1 ~ Home Place – Documents

APN Tract 1 – Home

Preliminary Title Commitment T-1 Homeplace

Preliminary Title Commitment T-1 Homeplace – Maps

T-1 NRCS Soil Survey

TRACT 2 ~ Veldhuis Place – Documents

APN Tract 2 – Veldhuis

Preliminary Title Commitment T-2 Veldhuis

Preliminary Title Commitment T-2 Veldhuis – Maps

T-2 NRCS Soil Survey

TRACT 3 ~ Simmons Place – Documents

APN Tract 3 – Simmons

Preliminary Title Commitment T-3 Simmons

Preliminary Title Commitment T-3 Simmons – Maps

T-3 NRCS Soil Survey

TRACT 4 ~ Asbel Place – Documents

APN Tract 4 – Asbel

Preliminary Title Committment T-4 Asbel

Ingress-Egress Access T-4

T-4 NRCS Soil Survey

TRACT 5 ~ Schinmann Place – Documents

APN Tract 5 – Schinmann

Preliminary Title Commitment T-5 Schinmann

Preliminary Title Commitment T-5 Schinmann – Maps

T-5 NRCS Soil Survey

Reierson Water Report

TRACT 6 ~ Freeburn – Documents

APN Tract 6 Freeburn

Preliminary Title Commitment T-6 Freeburn

Preliminary Title Commitment T-6 Freeburn – Maps

T-6 NRCS Soil Survey

Wind Machine Locations & Serial Numbers

(courtesy of Cascade Wind Machine Service – Virgil Anders)

Tract 1 – Home Place Orchard

Tract 2 – Veldhuis Place Orchard

Tract 6 – Freeburn Orchard


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